2024 NSBCPA HBCU Bootcamp Flyer

The HBCU CPA Bootcamp Program is a first-of-its-kind program designed exclusively for Black Accounting Students.

Program highlights are as follows:

  1. CPA exam sections reviewed over a 3-month period, beginning with FAR (Financial Accounting & Reporting)
  2. Classes meet 5 days/week in person. The class will review topics from the prior week that students had difficulty with and will cover new material/topics
  3. Recorded sessions outlining major accounting topics
  4. Students will be required to attend daily accountability study sessions
  5. Each student will be assigned a mentor

NOTE: You must be an NSBCPA student or candidate member to apply so if you haven't taken that step yet please apply by going here: http://nsbcpa.org/application then come back to this page once your NSBCPA membership has been approved.