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The First 100 Black CPAs

The National Society of Black CPAs was founded to focus on increasing the number of Black CPAs licensed in the United States. The Black CPA has always been the most underrepresented group within the CPA profession, representing less than 1% of all CPAs licensed in the United States for many years. As you can see from the below list of the first 100 Black CPAs licensed throughout the United States, it took us 44 years just to get the first 100 Black CPAs licensed. Out of the first 100 Black CPAs 28 were licensed in the state of Illinois, which is why the National Society of Black CPAs was formed in the State of Illinois. We will be doing more to showcase the history of the Black CPA in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

#CPA NameYear LicensedState Licensed
1John W. Cromwell, Jr.1921New Hampshire
2Arthur J. Wilson1923Illinois
3Chauncey L. Christian1926Kentucky
4Jesse B. Blayton, Sr.1928Georgia
5Wlimer F. Lucas1929New York
6Paul G. Stewart1937Illinois
7Louis Rawlings1937Illinois
8Alfred W. Tucker1938New York
9Theodore A. Jones1940Illinois
10Charles A. Beckett1941Illinois
11Richard H. Austin1941Michigan
12William L. Campfield1941North Carolina
13Mary T. Washington1943Illinois
14G. Steven Marchman III1944Illinois
15Lincoln J. Harrison1946Louisiana
16George L. Unthank1948New York
17Jesse H. Turner, Sr.1948Tennessee
18Parnell Drayton1949New York
19Hiram L. Pittman1949Illinois
20Elvera Taylor1949Illinois
21Milton S. Monjoy1949Michigan
22Cary B. Lewis, Jr.1950Kentucky
23Walter P. Harris1950Pennsylvania
24George Washington1950Michigan
25Elmer J. Whiting, Jr.1950Ohio
26Isaac Y. Little1950Illinois
27Milton Wilson1951Indiana
28Dr. Larzette G. Hale1951Georgia
29Frederick C. Ford1952Illinois
30Benjamin H. Crockett1953Illinois
31William S. Anderson1953Illinois
32Charles T. Cartwright, Jr.1954Illinois
33Hubert W. Mullings1954New York
34Bernadine Coles Gines1954New York
35Wilbur Parker1954New Jersey
36Oliver Walcott1954New York
37Calvin L. Cooke1955Texas
38Evelyn McLendon Beasley1955Indiana
39Bruce L. Murray1955New York
40Andrew M. Bradley1955Pennsylvania
41Mizura Allen1955Oklahoma
42Ernest Davenport1956Michigan
43Lewis W. Vaughn, Jr.1956Pennsylvania
44George D. Faulkner1957New York
45Thomas J. Whiting1957Ohio
46Curtis C. Duke1957Virginia
47Melvin J. Bergeron1957Louisiana
48Benjamin L. King, Sr.1957Maryland
49Cecil Bogan1957Illinois
50Arthur M. Reynolds, Sr.1958Maryland
51Emanuel Whiting1958Pennsylvania
52Clarence R. Newby1958California
53Arthur Macklin1958Illinois
54Donald Eugene Farrar1959Connecticut
55Joseph Watson1959New Jersey
56William D. Collins1959California
57Julius M. Cayson, Jr.1959New York
58Theodora F. Rutherford1960West Virginia
59Emsar Bradford1960Maryland
60Broadus Sawyer1960Maryland
61Lester H. McKeever, Jr.1960Illinois
62William P. Reiland1961Illinois
63Joseph J. Cramer, Jr.1961Texas
64Donald C. Haley1961Ohio
65Sanford M. Perkins1961Virginia
66James W. Price1961California
67Carroll D. Lee1961Maryland
68William Porter1961District of Columbia
69Edward V. Hipps, Jr.1961Illinois
70Thomas W. McCrae1961California
71Nathan T. Garrett1961Michigan
72Herman Johnson1962New York
73Otha Brandon1962Tennessee
74Emerson E. Blue1962Illinois
75Edmond N. Fambro1962Illinois
76James Tatum, Jr.1963New York
77Gregory H. Moses, Jr.1962New York
78David A. Kelly1962Illinois
79Ted A. St. Leger, Jr.1962Illinois
80Calvin P. McCord1962California
81William L. Jones1962California
82Caspa Harris1962Virginia
83Jerome R. Broadus1963Maryland
84Bert W. Smith, Jr.1963District of Columbia
85Joyce Turney1963Ohio
86Ruth Coles Harris1963Virginia
87William Hughes1963Illinois
88Edward A. Williams1963Illinois
89Robert E. Hill1963California
90James Howard1963New York
91Wayman F. Smith, Jr.1964Missouri
92Robert W. Coles, Jr.1964Ohio
93Donald T. Morgan1964California
94Henry T. Wilfong, Jr.1964California
95Dr. Johnnie L. Clark1964Georgia
96Charles Seymour1964New Jersey
97Delmar Barnes1964Ohio
98John E. Wilson1965Illinois
99Audley E. Coulthurst1965New York
tie - 100Alvin J. Freeman, Jr.1965Illinois
tie - 100Wilson C. Stockey1965Illinois

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