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Black CPA #9 - Theodore A. Jones, CPA

October 28, 2020 12:17 AM | Anonymous

Theodore A. Jones was the 9th Black CPA licensed in 1940 and hailed from the State of Illinois by way of Colorado. He attended the University of Illinois, where he studied accounting and economics. His professors ignored him; therefore, he pretended to be asleep one day, and the professor called on him. Theodore answered the question correctly and, from that day forward, was recognized by his professors. Though people stated he could not succeed because of his color, he proved them wrong and noted as a man ahead of his time.

He served as executive vice president of Supreme Life Insurance Company and the president of the National Insurance Association, representing 48 black-owned and operated insurance companies.

Mr. Jones was appointed by President Kennedy to the Federal Committee on Equal Opportunity in Housing. President Johnson appointed him as Midwest Great Lakes Regional Director of the Federal Anti-Poverty Program.

From 1963 to 1971, he served as a trustee for his alma mater. Mr. Jones also served as director of the Illinois Department of Revenue and as general manager of radio station WGRT in Chicago.

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